Posted by: drcow | October 17, 2009

Consequences of

cleaning and reorganising my room…

I’m in the progress of a little cleaning / organising my room with some new shelves, space for my fat boy sit sack ( finally! ) more space to move around.

Sadly this time it doesn’t went without any casualties.

003Miku fell off my new shelf O.o
* Don’t leave your window open when it blowing quite hard outside *

005My precious TWIN TAIL! 😦

006Miku: NANI! I’m a single tail now?!
Better not have any at all…

009Miku: I look quite flashy right without any, guys?!

012Kagami: *low voice* looks nice…
Kaito: WHO ARE YOU!?!

016Miku: Life is indeed all about twin tails…

Repair operations are on its way…



  1. Poor Miku I’am sorry for her 😦

    • It totally sucks 😦 trying to repair it with some superglue but doesn’t look promising bah

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