Posted by: drcow | October 7, 2009

My little Saber Lily shrine

Well finally got my Saber Lily of Good Smile Company.

Doing a review with pictures is kinda pointless since there are already zillions out there and with way better pictures…

So here is some pictures of my Saber Lily and my little growing shrine ^^

Pictures are quite of high iso due to very very very terrible light conditions in my room during this time of year. 😦

Need to fix my main light source of my room some day ><



007My little shrine taken with flash…

Personally don’t like flash so the next pictures are without it. 😛








She is my so far my most precious figure together with Alicia Florence of Max Factory/GSC



  1. Héhé, the best Saber is so beautiful ^^

    • Totally! 😀

  2. You got her before me >.<


    Anyway congratz!
    Soon my Saber Lily and the Nendo will arraive too. Then I got 3 Sabers XD

    • Nice! 3 sabers! my nendos will arrive soon aswell

  3. Nice Saber shrine. All you need is your Saber Lily nendo and the Alter PVC to come join.

    • Yeah :D, Hoping the Alter version will not be delayed otherwise have to wait longer for the nendo… Combined shipping ><

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