Posted by: drcow | October 6, 2009

Finally some loot!

Finally after customs holding my package for 2 weeks! I got my package.

This is what I got



Kagami: Uhhh… you need to tell what the loot is Kaito…

006Kagami: Minna! This is a NewTy…
Kaito: WEEEE!!!! Screentime!

007Kaito: I’m the man!
Kagami: *cries*
Miku: That’s IT! Prepare yourself!

010Miku: Minna! Let’s start over oke?!
Kagami: I will let you handle it, Onee-chan.

011Miku: Here we got 3 magazines wich Father bought purely for the free stuff you get with it and posters….
Can’t blame him for it. Since a dakimakura for few pennies…. To bad it’s not a Hatsune Miku one 😦 Dad!

013Miku: Here we got again 2 magazines with free stuff! Pencil board and a file what it’s name….

014Miku: Again another magazine with a free item… this time a K-ON! pencil board. My dad seems to addicted!
When do I get new family members uh?!?!

015Miku: Atleast daddy got 2 new pillows aswell… Wanna join me?
Offcourse these pillows are bought for a reason…



…. 😀



  1. Is the Dakimakura C.C.?

    • yes its C.C ^^

      • Ichi! here aswell uh?! 😀

    • Yep the sexy C.C.!

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