Posted by: drcow | October 1, 2009

My new communication device!

Received my new mobile fews ago due to extending my contract means can choose a new phone!

I normally never go with the mainstream but thought heck why not try it out!

iPhone 3GS

004Miku: What is this ugly thing!

010Miku: Oh… Looks quite nice!

017Miku: This side looks quite nice aswell…

022Miku: Here by I call this device… The MooMobile!

Offcourse being a Saber Lily ” Fan “

020Miku: ❤ Saber Lily… ❤

031Kagami: This is my new mirror…

So far I find the iPhone 3GS the best mobile I had in 10 years, works so fast and easy!

Only downside is the icky iTunes that you need… T_T

These pictures are taken with my Canon 450D and as you can see I’m quite the beginner in DSLR… Gomen ne!

What’s your communication device?



  1. I have an iPhone too, but only the 3G.
    But I like it.

    Btw about fast:
    I have the shitty problem with 3.1.
    Everything goes damn slowly. Hope there is soon a 3.2 or something.

    • Don’t got any problems with it so far what so ever thanks god 😛

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