Posted by: drcow | September 6, 2009

Nendo-Tube *custom*

Last week I went to town to do some little shopping with my sister and I saw this “tube” at a store for a staggering 65 cents…

So I decided to buy it and experiment with it.

P9060304Kagami & Miku: Is this what I think it is?!

P9060305Offcourse I have to let my daughters to check the new merchandise.

P9060306Kagami: It doesn’t look all that comfortable in there…

So to make it a little comfortable and safer for my little girls to transport.

P9060308Miku: This is quite soft.
Kagami: It is… Not to shabby

Took some foam from my work to place in the tube ^^

P9060307Measure the size you need! My little girls are very handy it seems.

P9060310Kaito: This is a man’s job! Step aside. *tries to look cool*

Then cut / slice it

P9060311Pulling the strip of the sticky thing is also a man’s job!

P9060312For the lid of the tube I use a different kind of foam. Since it’s thinner and alot more softer aswell. Perfect for the lid! Since it have to still need to close the tube 😛

P9060313Using a little superglue beneath the foam and it’s done!

The best part of this Nendo tube is it got a chalkboard on it so you can write on it and erase it whenever you want!

P9060314Nendo-tube Nr. 1

The other 2 doesn’t look pleased… 😛

P9060315Kagami: …Arigatou ❤

And yes, Kagami fits even with her twin tails!

Proof below.



With this I hopefully will get some outdoor shoots which is alot more entertaining then only indoor…

Thanks for passing by! =)



  1. Hey, not bad.
    I hurt my Shana from taking her out. Totally paranoid after.
    Just have to be careful not to shake the tube to much when walking. hahaha.

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