Posted by: drcow | August 23, 2009

Kaito’s Plan. Final

Kaito’s Log.

P8230187Kaito: It’s time to end this!

P8230189Miku: Aren’t you taking this a little to far?
Kagami: WOW! That looks so cool!
Miku: It was only a little joke… Take it easy!

P8230191Kaito: TAKE IT EASY?!?!
My pride was shattered! Now taste my fury! KERO Body slam!
Kikker* : *thinks* How the hell did I get involved?
Miku & Kagami: He couldn’t take a joke…

P8230194Kaito: Ah! How do you feel now, uh!
Kagami: To heavy….
Miku: Kaito! We didn’t mean it. We just want to get along!

P8230195Kaito: You liar! Beg for your lives!
Kikker*: *thinks* Seriously! How did I get involved in this?!?!
Miku: *cries*

P8230198Fate T.: YOU SCUM! What the hell are you thinking!
Release them at once!
Kaito: *shaking* Oke!!!

P8230202Saber Lily: Should I draw my sword aswell Mr. Kero?!
Kikker*: *thinks* I knew this couldn’t go well… Time to scram!

P8230204Miku: We where just joking back then. Can we finally live as a family?
Kaito: *silence*

P8230206Miku: There, there don’t cry.
Kaito: …I’m sorry.
Kagami: Group hug!


Kaito’s Log…Terminated.

About the stuffed frog. I actual named it Kikker wich means literally frog in it Dutch. Got that stuffed animal about 18 years ago and named it Kikker. Emotional value 🙂


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