Posted by: drcow | August 18, 2009

Kaito’s Plan. Part 3

Kaito’s Log.

The recovery of the one sided battle took longer then expected but now I can finally check my ” SECRET ” Data!

P8180180Kaito: Time to play my secret file!
* Pushes button *

P8180176Kaito: So this is the information of the female body…
The famous three sizes, name, weight etc. looks so detailed.
Well let’s check their fighting power!

P8180177Kaito: NANI! It’s over 9000!
Even my bankai is not that high!

P8180182Kaito: Wait! With my new found ally I should have a big chance to win!
No! I will win!!! My plan never fails!

P8180183Kaito: ( Lelouch evil laugh ) Muahahahahahaha!

What will happen to our cute Miku & Kagami…


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