Posted by: drcow | August 12, 2009

New loot!

First loot of this month woohoo!

P8120169Kagami: Oh my what is this?
Miku: Lets open it. CHARGE!

P8120170Miku: Wha?! I can’t even make a dent with my ultimate weapon!
Kagami: Oh noes!!!

P8120171Saber Lily: Need assistance, my master?
Miku: If you please…
Kagami: so cool…*doki*

P8120172Miku: Go away you evil stuff!
Kagami: *cheers*


My second figma!

Fate T. Harlaown!


Fate: Please take care of me…

Oke, I need help with this figma… Since with this figma you get a cape but knowing myself being really really carefull with stuff and dont want break stuff =D. So how the hell do you put that cape exactly on it? :<



  1. For Fate’s cape, carefully take Fate’s head off. Then, put the cape over her neck. Put Fate’s head back on. You have the plastic thing, right? Attach it to the stand to move around her cape.

    • Tried a few minutes ago and damn it was scary!

  2. Yeah, figma heads aren’t as easy to take off as nendos. Did it work out?

    • Yeah, got the cape on. Figma’s are really different then nendos indeed

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