Posted by: drcow | August 4, 2009

Kaito’s Plan. Part 2

Kaito’s Log. P2

P8040144Kaito: You leave me no choice!
BAN….eh? Where is the scarf?
Kagami: “….”

P8040145Miku: Scarf? What are you talking about, my honey?

P8040147Kaito: There it is! Why you little….
Miku: Oh my…

P8040148Kagami: Cant…Breathe…Help!
Kaito: Give my scarf back! * Pulls *
Miku: Aaaaahhhh! What are you doing!?!

P8040149Miku:  ” Super Duper Ultra MIKU Leek SLASH! “

P8040151Miku: Are you alright, Kagami?
Kagami: Uhh, Yeah I’m all right… thanks. * doki doki *
Miku: Lets get him back OK?
Kagami: * nods *

P8040152Miku & Kagami: ” Super twin tail TRIPLE LEEK Smash!!! “

P8040153Kagami: I think we used a little to much power, Miku.
Miku: There he goes!
-Offscreen- Kaito: ” Mommy! I’m flying! ! !

P8040154Kaito: Atleast I got my scarf back.
Now I can think of a plan….

To be Continued


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