Posted by: drcow | August 1, 2009

Kaito’s plan. Part 1

Kaito’s Log.

P8010133Kaito: Relax Kaito. A nice ice cream will calm me down.
You will get your rights that you deserve.

P8010134Kaito: The 2 rulers seems having fun…
Nice time to stroll around.

P8010135Kaito: You need to know your surroundings first before making a plan!
Time for a walk.

P8010136Kaito: * ! shock ! *
Every poster here got females printed on.

P8010137Kaito: Damnit! Even the commoners are all female!
What kind is my owner?!

P8010138Kaito: Gah! How can I ever win competing against her!?!

P8010139Kaito: Th..This is no use. This plan… * sniff *

P8010140Kaito: NO! I have to pull myself together and face this challenge!
And where the hell is my scarf?!?

P8010142Miku: This scarf is so warm.
Do I look cute?

P8010143Kaito: NANI?! Why you…!

To be Continued



  1. LoLz! That’s funny! Hahaha! And it’s still continued?? Great!

    • Next part is out! 😛

  2. master kaito you can do it
    your the best

    • Lets pray he can do it!

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