Posted by: drcow | July 31, 2009

Playing bass guitar.

This year I started to play bass guitar, learning wise off course. So after having my nice guitar for few weeks and learning. I asked my little family for their view of my AWESOME play. Since my little family knows what good sound is right?

P7310127Kagami: Wee!
Kaito: Lets hear it, my boi!
Miku: Hihi, I’m ready!

After playing this was their reaction…

P7310128Kagami: I can’t take it anymore!
Kaito: YOU! Are a disgrace!
Miku: What is this?!?!

P7310129Kaito: Wait a minute!
Hmmz…. I forgot something.

P7310130Kaito: That’s it! You bastard!
You haven’t introduced me while I arrived at the same time as Kagami!

P7310131Kaito: We men also got our rights!
We want fair rights!
Kagami: B..but Kaito-senpai, you are the only male of the entire collection, right Miku?
Miku: She is right Kaito. Your voice kinda means nothing… Don’t worry about it!

P7310132* ! ! ! SHOCK ! ! ! *



  1. Hey another bass player ^^ I think that’s how my nendos would react to me playing too XD

    • 😮 you play bass aswell? Awesome! Lefty? quite rare of those I heard O.O

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