Posted by: drcow | July 30, 2009

Akashiya Moka, The most beautiful vampire!

Nothing to say… The beauty of her is just so damn fine!

Just to say the photo’s are kinda bad made so…


Isn’t she gorgeous?

P7300121Off course the nice oppai can’t be forgotten!

P7300123The back view is also very nice!
Just love the flow of the hair and the little wing sticking out.


On the left picture as you can see Moka gently sits on a gravestone but the most beautiful part is that the base is a mirror. Which is absolutely awesome in my book!!!

The right picture shows Moka’s killer legs… Ah yes wouldn’t mind being kicked by those legs 😉


Top view of the figure and a much better view of the mirror in action!

P7300118Her face is very good sculptured and the nice red eyes. She kinda gives a sweet appearance with naughty thoughts… 😉
The cross is separate so you can remove it if you want.
The chains isn’t made of PVC and it can move freely which is a nice touch.

P7300125* Wanna play? *

If anyone is doubting to get this figure… YOU SHOULD GET IT NOW!

Totally worth every penny!



  1. Moka is really cute. A great Good Smile Company/ Gift realisation ^^ I’am waiting her ^^

    • She is indeed cute! Best figure of Moka so far

  2. I mentioned this on other blogs’ reviews already, but Moka is the first figure I ever recall since I got into figure collecting and seeing original samples that her original sample actually loses to the final product.

    Something I did not mention though is that she is the second figure in my collection to have a mirror base. She remains in her box, I am out of space for her right now. :\

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