Posted by: drcow | July 29, 2009


Have you ever felt so depressed like I have in the past few weeks? Thinking why do I even live on this stinkin planet. Every person you speak only speak back when they need something from you and nothing else. On the very edge of thinking stuff like: suicide a option? – Shoot the stinking people etc.

Bah! Sucks donkey balls… I have to say I have this feeling down period a few times a year but that’s mostly for 1 or 2 days at most but this time its just ARGH!!!

Guess I will do some more on my blog to get my attention away!

Few weeks ago I have gotten the most beautiful vampire I know. Kinda late for a review but I’m in the mood of ” I don’t give a shit ” so after cleaning my desk a bit more and then snapping some ” pro ” pictures 😛 then the review will be up. Most likely tomorrow.

330tzb7Already got a picture of her above on the day she arrived.

Phew, kinda relieved by actually posting this… who would had known Haha!
Ah well… time to eat and cleaning up *wave*


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