Posted by: drcow | July 16, 2009

Dinnerz with Kagami!


Was a while there was a update… more then a week! 😛

Been kinda ignoring my sweet little nendo’s in the whole week and they werent amused! 😦

To make it up a little I brought Kagami with me to the dining room to have dinner with the family today.

Kagami was quite happy with her first trip outside the room.

Kagami even brought her leek ( called leek right in english? ) to the table!
How thoughtfull she is.

Tonights dinner is kinda a *loempia* ( eggroll in english correct me if wrong ) which you put them together yourself with stuff like chicken, schrimp, pork. All that kind of stuff. Then you roll it up and dip it with a very delicious sauce with smashed up peanuts!

P7160096Tha sauce…


We also had a little bowl of soup. What its called? Beats me ><
But its atleast delicious to eat!

After the dinner we had some nice dessert!
A some kind of yelly with ice and sugar!




  1. i think the soup might be won ton

    • Ah yeah that what it called couldnt get on the name. thx!

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