Posted by: drcow | July 8, 2009

A Warm Welcome!

After being M.I.A. due to the hot weather and being tired from work each day 😦 finally a nice present came to my doorstep and Miku couldn’t be more excited then ever before!

P7070057Miku: Weeeeeeee!!!! I’m not the only one now!

P7070064Kagami:  N..Nice to meet you Nee-san Miku.

P7070061Miku: You are just so kawaii!

P7070071Miku: Hmmz… You look actually alot like me.
Kagami: I’m actually your twin sister!

P7070072Miku: Waaaa! I actually got a twin sister?!?!

P7070075Kagami: Ah, Fooled ya!

Damn! What is Kagami cute! I’m just lost for words… Can stare at her all day 😛

The photo’s are pretty bad due wrong setting, “steady” hands and stuff…
Kinda short and boring introduction… but should get better when I got more free time etc.


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