Posted by: drcow | July 3, 2009

My First Nendoroid!!!

Kinda late post but few days ago my first nendoroid finally joined my family!

Hatsune Miku is my very first daughter. I totally love her!
Enough text let me allow Miku to introduce herself.

P7030042Miku: Hi, I’m Hatsune Miku. Nice to meet you.

P7030045Miku: Please take care of me!

Isnt she just to cute for words?!?!

After a little talk I gave her a little tour of the place of wich will be her new house…

P7030046Miku:  WHAT IS THIS MESS!?!?!

P7030047Miku: Go clean this right away! *swings*

After being spanked and cleaning my desk, she finally calmed down.

P7030049Miku: Can I see my new brothers and sisters?

P7030050Miku: Whaaaa?! I’m the only one? *sobs*

I think I just got a new fever called Nendoroid!
But I don’t want Miku to be so lonely so what is your choice  which Nendoroid I should get to make myself and off course Miku alot more happier!



  1. Oh I know that fever well~ I just got my first nendo [Rin from Kodomo no Jikan] last week, and she is love. So much love that I’ve already got another two coming in the mail [Yoko from Gurren Lagann and Shana from Shakugan no Shana] Though I also think that Kagami dressed up as Miku and Melissa Seraphy are adorable… Really all of the above are recommended <3~ XDXDXDXD

    • Yeah. Have seen alot people with Rin, Melissa, Shana and Kagami… So many to choose from ><
      To be honest I actually want all of them… Haha but my wallet doesnt allow more then 1 at the moment 😦
      Leaning toward Kagami and Rin

      • Yeah I’ve got the same problem there D: So many adorable ones and there’s just not enough money trees to go around… XDXD The Miku Kagami is the one I find most adorable right now, all her expressions are just so darling. Though I’m not even a fan of Lucky Star… so I don’t think I could justify that kind of a purchase XDXDXD

      • Personally not that great fan of Lucky Star but I like it and Kagami is my favorite Tsundere type character but Rin also got those nice expressions to have and the anime was… *grin*. Or perhaps I should ask for early christmas / birthday presents… Haha

  2. Last picture was so funny… yup, Nendoroid fever is a terrible thing. My last four figures were all nendoroids.

    • Yeah, the fever is indeed a terrible thing! And it came at the worst time ever… Flat broke sucks.

  3. Rin gets my vote!

    Though you could make a really funny post if you got Kagamiku. ^^

    Miku to Kagamiku “ARE YOU A LONG LOST TWIN?!!”

    • With Kagamiku I could indeed make some funny posts already got some in my head… xD

      Kagami it is!

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