Posted by: drcow | July 2, 2009

2009 Loot! Part 1


6 months has passed this year and I have to say these 6 months had been a extremely expensive half year for my already dieing wallet :P.
I started collecting figures near the end of year 2008. Well not really collecting but it was around where I bought my first figure which was Saber Lily Figma.

In the first few months of 2009 I decided and thought to myself its now or never and bought Alicia Florence PVC on eBay that I wanted for so long!
Later on I bought Miku Hatsune PVC and Yami-chan PVC.

Then on the first of May with a couple of friends I went to Animecon 2009 for the first time not knowing to expect and it didn’t disappointed me! 2010 here I come! But this time with more courage of taking pictures of the awesome cosplayers there 😉 .

The visit to Animecon 2009 did the last push to my new hobby which is collecting figures! Enough talking now some photo’s. That’s the bloody reason about this post! 😛








Wonder how full it be end of 2009 with Nanoha, Fate 2x, Saber Lily 4x, Moka and off course the twin sisters of Candy boy! ( look at the header of you don’t know 😉 )



  1. Great collection! There’s a lot of nice figures I would like to get my hands on. lol

    I’m sure your collection will double in no time. [:

  2. Thanks! If my collection grows as fast like now I would need a bigger room Haha

  3. […] how fast my collection grew only in a year…. This is how big my collection was 6 months ago [Clicky] . Now 6 months later clearing display case nr. 1 which was not even holding half of my collection […]

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