Posted by: drcow | June 28, 2009

Summer = Tight bikini’s

Summer is pretty much approaching fast here in The Netherlands and my kawaiii Nanoha couldn’t agree more with me and decided to undo her teacher uniform and go in a nice “tight” bikini! *nose bleeds* Not to mention she is a 1/4 scale ( HUGE!!! )

P6280015*absorbing sun rays*

This is my actually first figure that shows so much skin and you don’t see me complaining at all ;).


Just love how Nanoha is standing, somewhat uncomfortable yet giving that cute, happy smile.


What the title already mention about being tight well you see here…
Very nice sculptured. Nice details! 😉
I also like that the strings aren’t on Nanoha. Make it like if you can pull the strings to do…. you know 😉


The hair is very nicely done although not that detailed.
The other photo… very very nice eyes!

P6280022*Falls in Love*

Cant wait for Fate Testarossa in bikini… *grin*

Time to go outside and absorb some sun rays with Nanoha 😉



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