Posted by: drcow | June 27, 2009

Alter Signum!


First up is our fierce yet gentle Signum of the series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s and StrikerS.


Here she is. Ready to slice and dice her enemies with her faithfull Laevatein! ( I just love the voice of Laevatein in the series )
The pose she got here is a very nice one. Holding her sword and in her other hand the scabbard. To bad you cant put the sword into it though. 😦



Here are 2 shot taken from above. I really like how detailed the cape/skirt is done as well the movement of it.


Here are 2 others taken from the back and from her left side.
Just look at those legs! Lovely curves… 😉



2 close ups of the beautiful face yet serious face of Signum!
Just love the calm, serious look of Signum, just how she is in the anime as well.
Offcourse we cant deny she got some other nice quality shown in the pics above…. 😉

All in all I’m very glad I bought her. Although like with other Alter Nanoha series the base is well… meh. Nonetheless it was worth it and she will join my Nanoha army.


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