Posted by: drcow | June 24, 2009

GSC Golden Darkness / Yami-chan


Another small review / photo shoot of a PVC figure I own which is of GSC Yami-chan of the anime To Love Ru!

Here she is standing / swirling beautifully:


On a nice black base with the anime name carved into it. I totally like how they did the hair! Here is some better photo’s of it.


Very nice details of the hair, how it “moves”. You don’t see that kind of hair design on alot of figures with so many separate hairlines…
Although Fate Testarossa of Alter will I think beat it how detailed it can be looking at the photo’s. We will see when she is released and when it arrives at my house 😛
The skirt / cape don’t know how you call it but its looks very cool with the hair style.


Here 2 shots of different angles… As you see the skirt is extremely short! Where we see a stainless white pantsu 😉



Here is some close up of her face. Couldn’t really get a closer one as it went blurry with my camera 😦
She got a very lovely face with beautifully red eyes. Just love it!

Hopefully my Signum and Nanoha PVC will arrive the next day 😦
Bloody custom jerks is holding my package hostage for 2 days now…



  1. This version of Yami is great, But I prefer Alpha x Omega adaptation. But she is hard to find 😦

    Nice presentation!

    • First thing first.

      Thanks for being the first comment on my blog! and for the presentation. Trying my best. 🙂

      I also prefer the Alpha x Omega but that one is what you already said hard to get but there she is alot more cuter for sure

  2. I like this figure
    it almost looks like Yami-chan would be moving
    your pictures are great

    I want to have one, too…
    Can you please tell me, where I can get one?

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