Posted by: drcow | June 23, 2009

GSC Nanoha Teacher Uniform!

Here she is… Nanoha in all her glory in her teacher uniform ready to teach you some lessons! 😉 of Good Smile Company.


Here she is sitting on the stand that you get aswell that got nice mahou circle on it that you also see in the Anime. She isn’t really stable though since you don’t mount her in a fixed position. But it also got it good things about it since you can relocate her and put on your monitor, your pile of dvd’s, manga you name it.


Here is a shot from the other side although the picture is not really bright, the flash was turned of for some odd reason :P. Here you see the marks of the magic circle of the stand wich is a nice addition.


The weapon upclose and I honestly expected to be more detailed. Kinda disappointed about it. 😦


For the good memory and paying attention anime viewers around us… You saw in the anime few seconds that Nanoha was wearing yellow pantsu and well oh lookie there! Yellow pantsu! Nice that they noticed it. 🙂



2 close up shots at the beautifully face. I really like how she looks at you smiling so cheerfull, happy with the pretty eyes. Really reminds you of how Nanoha-chan always being so cheerfull, happy, positive etc. in the anime.

Next up will be GSC Yami-chan of To Love Ru!


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