Posted by: drcow | June 22, 2009

Alter Hayate Yagami

Been a while that I have received any new figure but finally today i got 2 new figures in wich are Nanoha Takamachi in Teachers uniform of Good Smile Company and Hayate Yagami of Alter. Both of the series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.
This post will be about the last figure. The other will be up the next day.

So far is Hayate-chan the widest pvc figure I have. Heck in my display case Hayate-chan would take almost one entire shelf for herself! Not to mention Fate and Nanoha of Alter 1/7 scale gonna join her aswell… Time to shop for a new display case / shelf.  😛

The photo’s below you will see her in her Unison mode since well I like her more in that then normal mode 😉





I like how Alter did with the book. Making it look its floating by itself ready to cast powerfull mahou!
I have to say after seeing this figure upclose… never noticed she had that kind of oppai! Neither did I expected of Nanoha and Fate till i saw the bikini figures ( wich is on his way to me the Nanoha version *grin* ) Have to rewatch the anime I geuss. 😀



Here you see little Rein, Reinforce Zwei that you get with the package so you can display with Hayate-chan when she is in normal mode but also in Unison but that wouldn’t make any sense though… 😛

I can prob say this with proud *cough* yeah right *cough* that my Hayate Yagami is a little different then the rest since. Looking at Hayate-chan left shoulder black wing the position should be a little off due to well……. It broke off when I took her out of her box!

With some quality fast drying glue and the best “steady” hands ever she is all patched up! 😛

Next up Nanoha in teachers uniform. Please teach me! Hahaha… 😀


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